Survivable Structures

Bromley-Cook has been involved in several “Survivable Structure” projects as well as “Hurricane Hardening” projects.

Survivable Structures:
Generally these are new buildings which are engineered to a higher wind load standard. The intent is to have a building which is fully operational after a Hurricane Event.

An excellent example of this is the Florida Keys Electric Coop headquarters building in Tavernier, Florida. The Engineering design is based on 185 mph (3-sec. gust) wind storm event. The roof is free from equipment or obstructions. The base floor elevation is 14’ above Sea Level to survive storm surge. The building is a full concrete and tilt wall frame. All generators and mechanical equipment are above the 14’ level. This is an essential building which is designed to be fully operational after a major hurricane event in the Keys. Post hurricane recovery will be spearheaded out of this building. There are facilities for housing and directing all responding emergency and utility crews. This is a great building which had a lot of planning prior to construction. Please stop by for a visit when you are in the Keys. (

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Another example is the American Maritime Organization World Headquarters in Dania Beach, Florida. This structure was designed based on a 165 mph (3 sec. gust) wind storm event. The building is a full concrete frame with enhanced roof trusses and sheathing. The building still has a pleasing architectural look. This building is the headquarters the Maritime shipping in the US and has to remain operational at all times. Backup generators are designed to supply full power requirements. (

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Examples of Survivable Structures:
Florida Keys Electric Coop headquarters in Tavernier, Florida.
American Maritime Organization, Dania, Florida.
Homestead Baptist Hospital, Homestead, Florida.
Custom Residences, Old Bahama Bay, Freeport, Bahamas.


Hurricane Hardening:
Generally these are existing buildings which are essential facilities and require a higher wind load standard.  Bromley-Cook performs a study of the building structure and the cladding systems. Based on the study, upgrades are engineered which will allow the buildings better withstand high wind events.


Hurricane Hardening my include some of the following systems:


An excellent example of this is the Broward County Public Safety Building in Broward County, Florida. This building is home to the Broward County 911 emergency call center as well as the Broward Sheriffs. An essential facility which must remain open at all times, especially during a Hurricane Event. With a FEMA grant, Bromley-Cook prepared a Hardening Study with identified the need for new Level D impact glazing systems, Roof system replacements and Mechanical System Reinforcing. The intent is to have a fully operational emergency center after a Hurricane Event of 155 mph (3-sec. gust).


Hardening Projects:

Congress Office Park - All exterior glazing was replaced while keeping the building fully operational.
 *Case Study: Congress_Office_Park_Hurricane_Reinforcing: (Click to View)

Broward County Public Safety Building: - All exterior glazing and roofing was replaced while keeping the building fully operational. *Case Study: Hurricane Reinforcing (Click to View)

KC Wright Building – Re-glaze of building after extensive damage from Hurricane Wilma. Curtainwall connections upgraded and Impact film used on new glazing. *Case Study: Hurricane Reinforcing (Click to View)

Broward Medical Center – Polycarbonate re-glaze of lower floors.
John Knox Village Auditorium – Hardening Study with recommendations.
Coconut Creek Government Center – Hardening Study with recommendations.
Coconut Creek Maintenance Facility – Hardening Study with recommendations.
Palm Beach OEC – Impact Resistant Coverings.
Bahamas Government Center – Impact Resistant Coverings.
Miami Dade Police Headquarters – Impact Resistant Coverings.


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